Speak To Yourself

Overall communication process includes four main parts, listening, writing, reading and speaking. Undoubtedly, speaking is considered as the most common mode of communication, and why not since we all talk to each other every day and talking is speaking right? One must keep an eye on which languages are considered as native and which ones are first language in their countries. Most of the countries have English as their first language (no offense to any language), but it’s quite weird that a country has Urdu as a mother tongue and still they are required not only to speak and adapt English, but also do it naturally. Visit this link https://michellebowden.com.au/ to have information on public speaking class.

It’s an irony that people are not following what they have inborn with, anyways talking about speaking and languages the most important thing in this world is to know how to express oneself. There are so many people among who are still thinking of speaking and regardless of what language; they are nervous. Language is a skill but speaking is an art, belief it or not, no matter what language one speaks if he/she doesn’t know the art of speaking everything will fail massively. Expressions, tone, tempo and pronunciations are sub important factors of speaking. Without expression any language can become useless suddenly. There are some tips which could be followed in order to grab the art of speaking:

Stay along and talk: charisma! My friends this word should be understood in a 360 way, which means that one has the ability to speak in front of the audience and one becomes so fluent in whatever language he/she speaks that nobody can beat him/her in the game. Okay! Now the drill is to spend some time alone with yourself, may be when you are walking, may be when you are driving or brushing your teeth (that may affect the voice). Try to speak no matter what just speak! Speak to yourself don’t think about grammar, do not worries about what you are saying just keep talking at least for 10 mins.

Listen: To become a good writer one has to read, to become a good speaker one has to listen. No matter what is your mother tongue just listen to songs or attend seminar in English (or whatever language you are pursuing). Don’t worry about understanding the language completely, just listen and try to catch the words, and try to understand at your best whatever you are listening. This will allow the hearing ability to adapt the language one is trying to learn.

Watch movies: This is entertainment with learning; watching movies in English (or in the language one wants to learn) make the person eligible to adapt the expression work and the language synchronization. This allows a person to catch the phrases (actual phrases spoken in daily life and sometimes some good idiomatic structures too). Keep watching folks!